In 2006, Vortech brand superchargers teamed up with All American Super Cars and decided to launch their own brand of Mustang to compete with Shelby, Foose, Shinoda and and other BIG names in the muscle car game.  They made ONLY 2 prototype cars to send to the car shows with the hope of gaining enough interest and demand to launch the production of 100 elite beauties.  But then, the market fell and everyone stopped buying things including expensive toys.  So, long story short, only these 2 were ever made.  I own one which has a dash plaque from the 2006 PRI concept show.  The other is owned by a great guy in Oklahoma – we’re facebook friends.  I happened to find this car when I went into the BOSS mustang shop (All American Super Cars) in Pensacola Florida, and the guy who owns the place and built the 2 cars had one there.  He took me for a test drive and the rest was history.

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