A very rare MKC4 edition corvette.One of the absolute rarest RPO production corvettes ever made with only 50 units produced to commemorate the life of one of the most successful corvette dealers and friend of GM in it’s history. GM has never before or after commissioned a Corvette for a dealership,GM said NO MORE EVER after the blow back and complaints that they received from several  dealerships because of this one!. Furthermore, of the original 50, 20 had the 4/3 manual transmission and the remaining 30 were automatics,of the 30 automatics just 10 came equipped with Z51 sport suspension and fewer more had the G92 performance axle with option G44 that brings the 3.07:1 gear ratio which beats the pants off the line compared to the regular 2.73. That means this is the rarest combination you could get of an already very rare edition,who knows maybe the rarest of the 50?. I have owned many C4s, since the C4 came out and this one is a  rocket off the line. Very clean to excellent original condition. A Malcolm Konner corvette is on display at the National Corvette museum and likewise, this car belongs in a museum or on display in a private collection.I cannot justify a car of such beauty and prominence sitting in my garage and not being looked at by corvette enthusiast everywhere. Moreover, This is a factory RPO code car, not a clone or tribute, the real McCoy. I have seen others try to pawn off a 2 tone grey and black corvette as a MK but to those who know these cars it is easily discerning to tell them from original ,MKC4S are only silver beige over black with graphite interior and bronze glass tops,decals are all over and RPO code 400 is on the car and window stickers..This is one of the  rarest corvettes ever made. Investment grade and will only go up in value. Includes, ZR rated Tires are all new,new cat back factory exhaust,Owners manual,books,records,build sheets,window sticker,dealer brochure from konner corvette, konner sales invoice and more,GM cassette, Corvette magazine with MK article and more.This rare MK C4 is a true time capsule and in Mint condition,you can eat off the engine,the interior and the exterior is even cleaner and you wont find one for the money like this one

Location: Naples, Florida, United States

See listing: 1986 Chevrolet Corvette Malcolm Konner (from May 2, 2016)