In the fall of 1992 the final development of the single-Turbo 911, the 964 Turbo 3.6, was introduced at the Paris Autoshow.  This 3.6L engine replaced the 3.3L powerplant of the earlier 964 Turbos – the 964 was always designed to take the new 3.6L engine but budget and time restraints meant that the first years of the 964 Turbo had the ‘old’ engine.  This new 911 Turbo engine, now with 360hp, had 390lb/ft of torque (vs. 330lb/ft for the 3.3L), which gave the car noticeably improved performance as well as better driveability and emissions.  Car and Driver managed a 0-60mph in 4.0sec, the more conservative Road & Track got 4.5sec with a ¼ mile in 12.4sec at 114mph.  Top speed was 180mph.

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