This particular 6.0 Wide-Body was one of 6 similar vehicles completed for Japanese enthusiasts based on a series of orders submitted in the Spring of 1990. These were all ordered and completed at about the same time and based on brand new, fully warranted 1990 560 SEC models. The transformation and re-engineering took a fair amount of time and it was nearly two years before they began to appear at Japanese Motor Shows and in various Japanese enthusiast magazines. This led at the time and still to this day a false belief that these were being assembled in Japan by a new division of AMG. The simpler answer was that at the time few other buyers had so much extra cash on hand to give AMG free reign to build and design as best they could with otherwise little to no restriction. A handful of additional examples were completed before AMG came under more direct control of the MB Factory in 1993 and the model phased out of production. Β Our subject AMG 6.0 Wide-Body was built under AMG Commission No. 919734 as a 6.0-liter, four-cam, four valve β€œwide-body 560 SEC. It was sequentially the 25th of a total of 100 planed vehicles to be completed in the program. (Today, most experts do not believe that many were actually completed and the actual total production run probably is less than 50 examples.) After initial delivery and road-registration to Japan, this example remained carefully conserved and preserved over the last 25 years during which time it covered just over 72,000 kilometers (45,000 miles.) Our purchase and import of this vehicle was quite fortunate as very few of the original surviving examples has ever come up for sale on the secondary market.

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