The frame was fully boxed and common weak points were reinforced to withstand extreme off-road use.  It was sandblasted to bare metal, then coated with POR15, an extremely tough and rust resistant coating.  Coats of Rustoleum semi-gloss black were applied over the POR15 because POR15 will degrade when subjected to UV rays.   During the body restoration I was particularly careful to maintain the classic cruiser look, while making necessary repairs and improvements.  I replaced the rear sill using Cool Cruisers of Texas steel reproduction pieces.  The rockers were repaired and the cowl vent (another common rust area) was eliminated completely.  The rear wheel well size was increased to fit the larger tires, however the stock radius’ were retained to keep that classic FJ40 look.  I replaced the front fenders with Metal Tech tube fenders which are many times stronger than the original sheet metal fenders. The rusted rear tailgate was replaced with an Aqualu aluminum tailgate with built-in locking storage compartment.  Unused factory body holes were eliminated and the firewall was smoothed.  After metal work the body was sandblasted and powder-primered.  This is a powder-coat primer designed to be applied to bare metal.  It is MUCH tougher than even an epoxy primer and will ensure the body stays rust free.  The body was professionally painted.  I used Herculiner to coat the interior floor and sides of the tub.  The underside the truck is just as pretty as the top.  The bottom of the tub was painted in Night Tide,  just like the top-side.  For the interior I built a family roll cage using a front kit from Metal Tech.  The cage is tied into the body at 6 points and tied into the frame at 4 points, making it very strong.  I built sheet metal enclosures into the cage to house 6″ x 9″ speakers and LED dome lights. Since they’re built into the cage it’s got dome lights no matter which top is on… or no top at all.  The Kenwood stereo and CB radio are also built into the cage and all wiring is run through the tubes so its hidden.  The stereo has AM/FM/CD/Bluetooth (phone calls and music streaming).  There are also two removable racks built into the roll cage.  One is on top of the cage above where the rear passengers sit.  The other can be used only when the rear seat is removed for additional packing options.  Both racks have attachment points for cargo nets or ratchet straps and are powder coated to match the cage.

Location: Morgan Hill, California, United States

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